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Time for greetings

I promised a post in english for my blog, I think this is the right occasion: a stop is now needed, before going on with my tales.

Last night in Candidasa.

All the best things must come to an end, and…here we are, even if I don’t like to consider this one as an end: it’s a beginning.

I’d like to thank you all for the beautiful month together: Rudi, Jackson, Kawi, Edme, Terry, Anom, Gusde, all the ashram members: Nyoman, Sitep, Jata, Wenten, Komang, Ani, Bawa, Sintya, Darsa, Wayan, Eka, Wayan “little”, Kadek, Uki.

You’ve all been very precious.

I started this adventure with the willing to travel through this beautiful island, discovering all that I could, without stopping: you made me stop, and I discovered even more.

As long as time passed by, I learnt to understand the importance of taking some moments for me, and I experienced on myself that it’s not necessary to move and to do things to feel good.

In the last days here I reduced my travels, trying to spend as much time as I could in a place that now is like a home to me, together with people I can absolutely call family now.

I thought I was already able to stay in my own company (not an easy one!), but actually I have to admit I learnt it here, definitely, as I learnt to appreciate that simple life is beautiful, and that real happiness and peace are inside: no need to search elsewhere.

Well, I’m aware that’s not so easy, and I’m still searching some missing pieces, but I’m confident: it takes some addiction, and I can wait.
There’s a time for everything.

A sort of circle has been closed, now.

This trip comes after a “strange” period in which I faced the most difficult travel ever: the one throughout my own person.

Sometimes people are obliged to become aware of who they really are: that’s life, and that’s what happened to me.

At the beginning (three years ago, time flies!) I perceived this situation as a sort of violence (why me?), but now I’m sure it was a gift. I grew up, I’ve changed my mind, and now I know who I am (well, I’ve some kind of idea!!), and where I want to go.

Now I’m simply…WOW! No other word to describe. I feel great, stronger, and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

Rudi, I still remember your eyes when you asked me how I could find the ashram: I told you “By chance, in internet”.
Your answer?
“Nothing is by chance”.
Well, this is the first lesson I learnt here, and I’m totally convinced now.

As I’m totally convinced that everybody needs to take his time to learn, to understand, and to decide which is his direction.
“Take your time”, that’s the other lesson.

I took my time, and you gave me a great help!

I saw that yoga is not only a sort of gym, it’s an attitude: Kawi&Edme, you’re the best demonstration.
You don’t do yoga, you feel yoga: your 24-hours-a-day smile talks more than words (that’s why you’re my favourite teachers ;)).

Terry, the time we shared was absolutely precious; I really loved those hours with you after breakfast, talking while waiting for your agopuncture, or while waiting for nothing (maybe fixing some connections!): no rush, just living, and enjoying those moments.

I experienced other kinds of meditations, I learnt how to make counts with myself, and then I learnt to welcome people in my life as well (Stella, Kristina, Andrey -sorry if spelling’s not correct!!-: you made my last week here special, searching for “strange” fruits, and sharing experiences, and sambal, of course!).

I think it’s a good balance for a holiday! 🙂

Well, I’ve also seen one of the most beautiful places of the world, no doubt!
But in the end, this is not what counts (funny to see how perspectives totally change sometimes: always be opened!)

In my future I’ll surely come back to Bali: not to see beaches, volcanoes, or temples, but to find the family I’ve here in Candidasa now, even if I’ll bring this family together with me everywhere I’ll go from now on, with all its good vibrations.

So…see you soon in Candidasa! I won’t miss you, ‘cause you’ll be in my heart 🙂

A big hug to everybody!

Terima kasih kembali dan selamat tinggal (next post in bahasa Indonesia?!? O.o)